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Limited Edition self-titled EP



Palomino Shakedown is an Austin, Texas based band playing original music that merges the influences of traditional and alt-country, southern soul, and early rock n' roll. 

Howdy Darrell / vocals and guitar
Jimmy Deveney / vocals and guitar
Ricky Watson / bass
Heather Rae Johnson / fiddle and vocals
Willie D. / saxophone and keys



New dates added to the tour calendar, hitting up City Parks festival in Cody WY in Jul! Excited to be working with Adam Nurre on drums for our upcoming May tour!



New tour dates added for May! Finishing up layout and artwork for new album due out hopefully in the next month or two. Fun shows in College Station at Calvary Court and Monnalisa Hotel in Houston this last weekend.


Finished up vocals & guitar parts for the upcoming full length album, hopefully due out later this fall! Chris "Partytime!" Wallis laid down some awesome drum tracks for the last few songs as well. Gearing up for hitting the road next month up tot the 2nd annualBrooklyn Americana festival Sept 23rd. Our buddy Matt Besinaiz from Gumbo Ce Soir will be filling in on drums for the tour, looking forward to it!


Fun tour up to Pinedale Wy for the Rendezvous days festival. Big thanks to Tim Ruland from the Pinedale arts council for setting us up and especially to "mighty" Bob Maas for filling the drum throne last minute and saving the tour! Thanks to Chris and Roy Thomas for their hospitality as well! Big thanks to Adam Brown at the Swing Station in La Porte, CO such a cool venue to play. Our first time to La Kiva in Terlingua on this trip as well had a blast playing there! Special thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Deveney for their continued hospitality each time we go to Albuquerque.


Great tour up to NYC and back, special big thanks to Jan Bell at Super Fine/68 Jay St in Brooklyn and Toby Weisend of Skyflight productions  for setting us up at the Albert George Youth center in Barnesville OH.  Got to play a great new venue too, Natalie's Coal Fired Pizza in Worthington OH. Great stage, great food and super friendly bunch Natalie's. Be heading back to Brooklyn later this year for the Brooklyn Americana festival.

Heading back to the studio to record some new tunes Feb 20-21. Gearing up for Apr tour, more dates on the way. New monthly residency, playing 1st Friday of each month at The Whitehorse (unless we're out of town).

Tune into 100.1 Sun Radio's Tue evening "Behind the Lines" segment on Tue, Nov 10th, Palomino Shakedown will be the musical guests that night!

Back home from a great run up to Pinedale, WY for the Sound Check Summer Series. Played some really cool places on the way up and back, as well as played with some really cool bands (Cowboys & Indian from Albuquerque and Adam Lopez in Denver) Big thanks to the friends & family that put us up along the way!

Palomino Shakedown's new Limited Edition EP will become available online on Friday, June 19th.  The band will take off on a southwestern and mountain states tour on July 9th, with a kickoff hometown gig at ABGB on July 8th.  The tour will take the band up as far as Pinedale, Wyoming, for the Sound Check Summer Series festival on Friday July 17th, as well as gigs in west Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado. CD release show in Austin to follow.



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